Shlomi is watching you

Israel, Occupied and autonomous territories
ICRC Delegation
185, Hayarkon Street
TEL AVIV 63453
Head of delegation: Mr STILLHART Dominik




When I met your dad, I told him that I believe in all of my heart that Shlomi, my brother is watching you from above. You see Gilad, I also have a brother in captivity. God is his capturer. He is my big brother and I miss him every day, every hour, every minute. In every given moment he is in my thoughts, just like you are in the minds and thoughts of your parents, family and friends.

If you had known Shlomi, you would understand why I chose to say these words to your dad. Even now, that he is above in heaven, I can't imagine him resting on some cloud and doing nothing (even though I really hope that he is resting for just a beat - because he deserves it). Shlomi couldn't stay put even for a minute, always on the move - always in the front - that is how he found his death - standing in front of his troops, exposing an explosive laboratory  (one from many) while he was the commander of his squadron in Gdud Nachshon in Kalkilya.

After Shlomi was killed, we made a 50 minutes film that tells through our eyes who he was: Shlomi the son, Shlomi the brother, Shlomi the friend, Shlomi the soldier and Shlomi the commander. I always say people that they must watch this movie, because the main actor of the  movie is the most good looking man in the world. My favorite part in the movie is a beat that was taken in a home video camera where you can see Shlomi stands in front of his soldiers, just 4 days before he was killed, while giving them instructions before they go to their trip in Eilat. His soldiers, as usual tease him and Shlomi as a response tells them: Be careful, because if you continue with your behavior, I'll volunteer to be the trip's instructor. They laugh and say:  "How will you come with us to Eilat Shlomi, 5 minutes after you leave Kalkilya you'll miss it". .  And they were right about it. Then, they ask him to say parting words from his heart in honor of their up-coming release from the IDF. Shlomi answers: " I'm not leaving you yet, I'll come to say goodbye, but not now" - Sad, isn't it?  When you think about it, Shlomi never really got to leave the army or to say good bye to his soldiers. Personally, I don't feel as if I said good bye to Shlomi - I buy him a birthday present every year and writing him letters and in my mind and heart - he will always be my big brother. He met my son in my dreams but didn't meet my daughter (yet).

Shlomi was a well built man, very charismatic, with a sparkle in his eyes and an eternal smile. A guy - that everyone feels safe when he is around. A guy - that even though in the last three years in the army was mostly in Kalkilya and in operations, you weren't afraid that something bad will happen to him....not really.

That is why, Gilad, I know that he bosses around all the angels and watching us and you.

So hold on...